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Charles DURET’s jewelry is sculpted on a base of pewter which, after having been buffed (rubbed down by hand in order to remove the “skin” that remains on the jewelry once it leaves the foundry – in the olden days, buffalo skins were used, upon which abrasive surfaces were regularly stuck) and then hand polished with felt and metal polish paste. It is then, by electrolysis, 24 carat gold or silver-plated.

Dans un soucis de qualité et conformément à la législation Européenne, les bijoux Charles DURET ne comportent pas de nickel ce qui permet d’éliminer les risques d’allergies.


Travail manuel du bijou

Electrolytic surface treatment:

In order to bind the different elements which make up the jewelry (pewter, brass etc), a layer of alkaline brass is put on. To regain the shine of a hand polish, a layer of acidic copper is then added after which, the jewels take a bronze bath and then the gold or silver is applied.



Finishing off the jewels:

The silver pieces are varnished to avoid oxidation before the different elements are assembled.

A layer of ivory black oil colour is then applied by hand so that the larger pieces can be worn without their seeming flashy or tawdry, accentuating, on the other hand, their contrasts.

Finition du bijou